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For Sutter Professional, technical training and support are the fundamental pillars for the evolution of the business, necessary to disseminate knowledge and improve the quality of work of cleaning professionals.

Training, guaranteed by Sutter Lab training courses, is a social, cultural and economic value that fully represents Sutter Professional’s commitment to knowledge, updating and evolution.
Support, guaranteed by highly specialised technicians, allows all-round advice and technical-operating assistance to be provided for all cleaning needs, also consolidating relations with local partners.

Sutter Lab & Sutter Tech

Sutter Lab

Check out the free Sutter Lab Training Center training courses dedicated to cleaning professionals.

In a constantly evolving context, above all from the technological point of view, the role of a company is no longer limited to the mere production and marketing of a product, but must necessarily be integrated into the continuous dialogue between professionals who interact in the industry, through innovative tools and methodologies.

This is the purpose of Sutter Lab: offer theoretical modules, on-the-job training and practical operations to allow the operator to increase his knowledge and improve the quality of his work.

Over 5,000 professionals are trained each year with specialised courses, carried out not only at the Sutter Training Center in Italy, but also at those of Madrid and Buenos Aires.

Considering the importance of human capital for the development and evolution of the business, Sutter Lab is always available to solve any training need, studying ad hoc courses and sectoral training packages, also organised at customer premises worldwide.

"Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere” 

Sutter Tech

Sutter Tech is the highly specialised technical service team created to offer a universal operating image and service at distributors and end customers.

The prerogative of Sutter Tech is to provide advice and technical support to deal with any problems and obtain the highest cleaning quality with Sutter Professional products and systems.

Tools and Innovations
Sutter Academy

Is an online platform designed for the professional cleaning universe.

With Sutter Academy you can:
- create customised offers in the field of cleaning services design;
- quickly and easily create customised work plans for the main professional cleaning sectors, such as the food processing, room, toilet, etc. areas.

To find out more, ask your Sutter Professional representative.


Sutter Professional, always projected towards the future and innovations, has adopted the Microsoft Hololens augmented reality technology.

In order to offer better technical support and assistance in real time to all those far way customers worldwide.

"Everywhere you are, Everywhere we are.” 



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