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Sutter Professional

Sutter Professional, a Sutter Group company, has been involved in the production and marketing of cleaning and surface treatment products

in the professional sector such as hotels, restaurants, communities, offices, schools, supermarkets, hospitals, laundries and industrial plants for more than 5 generations through a capillary network of distributors.
The fact that the brand belongs to the homonymous and historic Sutter family that created it strengthens the commitment to offer concrete, quality solutions for environment cleaning, care and disinfection problems.

Over the years, the product range has been revolutionised, always keeping the focus on customer satisfaction, proposing effective solutions able to meet all hygiene and cleanliness needs.

The Group headquarters and the main production unit are located in Italy, in Borghetto di Borbera, in the province of Alessandria, in a strategic position between Turin, Genoa and Milan. Abroad, in Spain, Portugal, France, Argentina and Chile, the Sutter Group is present with its own branches and in over 60 countries worldwide through agreements with local distributors.

As every great company, its history constitutes a wealth of experience

Sutter was founded in Switzerland for the production of apple vinegar.
The Genoa branch was established, where shoe waxes and polishes would be produced with the Rob and Marga brands.
hanks to the continuous research and development of new cleaning solutions, Sutter's professional division made its debut on the market, thanks to the Taski "floor care" system
The product quality - above all that of the Emulsio liquid wax - allowed the brand to be increasingly present in Italian households.
Sutter Industriale became Sutter Professional.
New branches were opened, first in Europe and subsequently in South America.
Specifically: in 1988 in Spain, in 1991 in France, in 1995 in Portugal, in 1997 in Argentina and in 2004 in Chile.
Today, for Sutter it is time for sustainable innovation, a new season for a company that meets the challenges of change, with respect for the environment and the person.


For five generations, Sutter has been developing products for cleaning, care and disinfection of environments. Products that stem from the magic of chemistry with the aim of offering high-performance solutions that respect the values of quality, eco-sustainability and that pay attention to the environment, people and their lives.


Sutter Professional's greatest ambition is to contribute to the well-being of society, helping to improve the quality and safety of human life and preserving the environment for future generations.


The most important challenge for Sutter Professional is to guarantee sustainable innovation and development of high-performance products and technologies that respect the environment and people.

“Our company is an asset that we manage temporarily, for the benefit of future generations, just like the environment.”

This sentence sums up the urgency and commitment that Sutter puts into defining, before and better than others, a new meeting point between the continuous demand for effective and innovative solutions and the imperative to leave future generations a concretely safer, healthier and more natural environment.



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