Company Philosophy

The commitment to eco-sustainable development is in the Sutter corporate DNA and is translated with concrete initiatives that involve internal and external aspects of the company, from the selection of raw materials to production processes and the protection of people's health and well-being.

“Because we are in love with the magic of chemistry, but we love people and their lives more.” citazione aldo sutter

Sustainable production

In production processes, the Sutter Group maintains its focus on respect for the environment. The plant in Borghetto Borbera controls the environmental impact through waste management and protection of the territory in which it is located with concrete actions aimed at safeguarding the air, water and ground against the various forms of pollution.


At Sutter, emissions into the air come from the thermal power plant used for steam production, from the office and factory heating systems and, to a lesser extent, from production plant.
In order to reduce the impact, oil heating systems have been replaced with the installation of clean energy plants, which maximise energy yield with a lower environmental impact.
In addition, the emission points are constantly monitored according to an annual plan that envisages fume sampling and chemical analyses to verify compliance with legislation and the company's environmental policy.
No unpleasant odours are emitted from production.


Water for industrial uses and for the fire-fighting system is drawn directly from a sub-bed well located near the Borbera stream.
In order to safeguard the surrounding area, the cooling water of production plant is not discharged into the stream, but recycled inside the factory. Every day during the working day, critical parameters are checked several times and more detailed checks are carried out periodically by external laboratories and ARPA (Regional Environmental Prevention Agency).
Thanks to the adoption of the internal cooling water recycling system it has been possible to drastically reduce drawing water from this well.

Water drawn from aqueduct (m3 per t produced)


The Sutter Group takes initiatives to avoid contamination of the ground in production processes.
For the storage of certain substances, double-chamber underground tanks are used, equipped with a leak detection system, in order to prevent any spills that could penetrate into the groundwater.
Furthermore, to avoid accidental spills of solvents during product unloading from the tanker, a procedure of containment in specific tanks has been implemented through a dedicated education and training activity of the internal emergency team members.

Appropriate environmental prevention systems have also been adopted with regard to waste, using only ecological service providers registered in the National Register of Environmental Managers, systematically checking that these requirements are maintained.
In waste management, separate waste collection is increasingly used, implementing recovery wherever possible (in particular for plastics, paper, wood and metals).
The Sutter Group has also focused its efforts on reducing the amount of unseparated waste, achieving great results by training its employees and the search for recyclable components.

Undifferentiated waste (Kg per t produced)
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Sustainable innovation

The Sutter Group is focused on a daily basis on the development and marketing of products, in the sense of chemical formulations and relative packaging, with high performance which are at the same time safe for users and have a reduced environmental impact.
With this in mind, a number of voluntary initiatives have been launched in the sustainability field.

Ingredients/raw materials usage policy

In Sutter Professional products, continuous monitoring of the classification of substances is carried out in such a way as NOT to use raw materials harmful to the environment and people in the formulations (e.g. substances classified as carcinogenic, mutagenic, harmful for the reproductive cycle etc.)
Since the classification of chemical substances is constantly evolving, the Sutter Group's Research and Development Laboratory constantly monitors the hazard profiles of substances and undertakes appropriate reformulation programs to eliminate ingredients which deviate from the general principles indicated in the ingredients usage policy.
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Raw materials of plant origin

Where technically feasible, ingredients of plant origin coming from renewable sources able to guarantee top of the range performance are used in the formulations of Sutter Professional products.
For further information on this trend, please go to the Zero line page
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Use of "mass balance" palm oil

Palm oil is a fundamental component of many surfactants used in detergent formulations.
Although it is a renewable source, its indiscriminate use in industrial production risks compromising its availability. In this context, the Sutter Group has voluntarily decided to become a member of RSPO (Responsible and Sustainable Palm Oil), an organisation that certifies a sustainable supply chain.

Recycled Packaging

Every year, approx. 8 million tons of plastic end up in the sea, causing serious damage to the entire ecosystem, since it is a material that due to its characteristics does not biodegrade quickly and can remain in the environment for hundreds of years.
Sutter Professional products have primary packaging made of recycled plastic in variable percentages according to the technical feasibility and type of format, from 100% recycled PET to HDPE with recycled plastic content at least 50%, up to 99%.
Thanks a careful selection of materials, it has been possible to adopt aesthetically pleasing packaging with the same resistance performance as virgin materials.
This is recyclable packaging in compliance with ISO14021 regarding packaging recyclability criteria.
In addition, the Sutter Group purchases FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified secondary packaging, a certification that guarantees that the materials come from a responsibly managed supply chain.

System Certifications

The Sutter Italia Group (consisting of the companies Sutter Industries S.p.A., A. Sutter S.p.A., Sutter Professional S.r.l.), has obtained the certification of its Quality, Environment, Occupational Safety and Social Responsibility Management System, in compliance with the ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 and SA 8000:2014 standards.

With these certifications, the Sutter Group undertakes to:

  • Improve occupational health and safety levels
  • Eliminate or minimise the risks to which Employees, Suppliers and Customers may be exposed
  • Increase the efficiency and performance of the organization
  • Ensure respect for the fundamental rights of individuals, protecting the dignity of each one, both internal and external, in every type of relationship

Product Certifications

In 2006, Sutter, for the first time, obtained the Ecolabel certification, the tool able to concretely translate the eco-sustainable development approach of the company into the products.
All this has meant a radical change in the product offer in a short period of time, through tangible solutions to further highlight the greater attention to the environment and people.

Over the years, the number of certifications has increased considerably and today Sutter Professional offers:

icon prodotti certificati Ecolabel

84 products with Ecolabel

icon  prodotti iso17025

6 products with ISO 17025 certification

icon prodotti certificati CAM

125 GPP compliant products
(Green Public Procurement)

icon prodotti certificati Umweltzeichen

2 products with Österreichische Umweltzeichen certification

icon  prodotti con Carbon Footprint

15 products with Carbon Footprint
measured according to ISO 14067

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Sustainable Welfare

The affirmation in the corporate vision ”…we love people and their lives more” is the demonstration that the Sutter Group cares about the health and well-being of its employees.
In this context, great attention is paid to the organisation of medical examinations, risk prevention and workplace safety, even including voluntary initiatives aimed at an efficient work life balance.

Workers’ health

For the Sutter Group, health is paramount. For this reason it implements all the necessary health and safety measures against risks in order to ensure the safety of its workers.
To this end, periodic visits to production departments, training sessions with workers and with the head of health and safety services are envisaged, as well as medical examinations and clinical analyses to assess fitness for the job.

Work life balance

In 2015, at the initiative of Human Resources, a "work-life balance" program was established to create a work environment that focusses on people by taking care of their psycho-physical wellbeing.
Some examples of activities concern health prevention through specialist examinations carried out directly in the company (nutrition, cardiology, senology, etc.), thanks to the partnership with various affiliated facilities.
Also part of this program is a free postural gymnastics course and a menu validated by a nutritionist doctor that is offered daily in the company canteen.
Precisely because the wellbeing of people is very important for the Sutter Group, we continue to work in this perspective with new projects aimed at ensuring an improvement in their lives.


Since training is one of the pillars of the company, training plans are periodically organised to improve Sutter employees, both as individuals and as professionals and involving all levels (clerical and factory workers and managers) addressing various issues: Customer Care, Project Management, Worker safety, WCM mentoring in the factory, language courses, etc.

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Sustainable Communication

Through initiatives ranging from material available to users to dedicated events
(e.g. Eco-conference), the Sutter Group contributes to communicating its identity and values related to sustainability.

Labels and technical material

Technical materials are always created to inform and help users about the best method of use, intended use and the proper storage methods of the products, in order to facilitate safety and prevent possible risks.

The product lines with high sustainable value are always distinguished by labels, packaging and informative materials that characterize the products, make them easily recognizable by the user and explain their advantages.

Starting from 2021, the labels also make recycling and proper waste management easier, thanks to the addition of an icon that explains the components of the primary packaging.

Training courses

Training is one of the pillars of Sutter Professional. Teaching respect for the environment also starts with training. In addition to the traditional courses dedicated to treatments, Sutter Professional training has introduced specialised training courses dedicated to the eco-sustainable benefits of the Sutter Professional green lines.

Field trials

Over the years, various trials have been carried out to concretely demonstrate the economic and environmental sustainability advantages of Sutter Professional products through studying the life cycle of the cleaning service (e.g. Ecocaps trials in hospitals.

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Thematic conferences

In recent years, the rules for participating in tenders in the European market have changed considerably, shifting the interest towards greater attention to the environment and operator safety in accordance with the European GPP.
For this reason, a radical change has not been made only in terms of product but also of service through tangible solutions to support customers.
For example, since 2012 in Italy, Sutter Professional has responded to the CAM decrees transposed form the European GPP with concrete actions such as the organisation of awareness campaigns towards eco-sustainability issues
(Eco-conferences) focused on providing solutions to reduce the environmental impact in professional cleaning.

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