Ecocaps Line

The Ecocaps range consists of highly concentrated detergents for cleaning surfaces and floors, with a water-solublesingle dose capsule system, with Ecolabel certification (EU ECOLABEL: IT/020/009 Multi-purpose detergents and detergents for health services).

This is a range of eco-sustainable products with many advantages, including the reduction of plastic waste production and the reduction of CO2 released into the atmosphere. This also means sustaining a lower disposal cost, particularly important for public administration bodies, for example for health facilities, where in addition to waste deriving from clinical activities (drip containers, gauzes, biological materials, etc.) there is that resulting from support activities such as cleaning.

AdoptingEcocaps in the cleaning service means finding a valid solution to obtain excellent cleaning results and at the same time obtaining the following advantages:



  • Plastic waste reduction thanks to reusable bottles
  • Packaging disposable in separate waste collection
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions into the environment
  • No special waste to dispose of

Cleaning service

  • Easy dosing without product waste (no overdosing)
  • Intuitive product use (staff training time reduction)
  • Intuitive product use (staff training time reduction)
  • Less weight to be handled on site for the operator


  • Reduced storage space and reduced transport costs
  • Reduction of transport weight

From trials carried out in a hospital environment, assuming to carry out a cleaning service with ECOCAPS compared to a cleaning system with traditional products, these advantages translate into:
Plastic waste
Volume and Weight
*Data collected from trial conducted by: National Association of Doctors and Hospital Directors of Italy, at the S.Orsola Malpighi Department in Bologna


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