Sutter Experience

From our experience stem high-performance solutions that combine the magic of chemistry, consultancy and professionalism to put them at the service of our customers.

Attention to the environment and to people

We ensure ourselves and our children a concretely safer, healthier and more natural environment.

sutter experience

Sutter Experience: guarantee of experience and professional consultancy

160 years of experience in the cleaning world have put the Sutter cleaning culture at the service of customers. Expert consultants are available to customers to provide solutions to the various issues and for the creation of customised procedures for cleaning and disinfecting environments in various professional fields.

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The heart of the company: respect for the environment and people

Sustainable innovation is at the centre of the company, focussed on the development of high quality, high efficiency products, while respecting the environment and people. “Because we are in love with the magic of chemistry, but we love people and their lives more”. (Aldo Sutter)

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Constant commitment to research and passion for chemistry.

Our focus is to produce products that stem from the magic of chemistry, ensuring high cleaning performance to offer effective solutions to professional cleaning problems.

ricerca chimica
corsi di formazione

Training and technical support in continuous evolution

For Sutter Professional, technical training and support are the fundamental pillars for the evolution of the business, necessary to disseminate knowledge and improve the quality of work of cleaning professionals.

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