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Are you looking for specific products for surface care and effective cleaning in compliance with current HACCP regulations, to offer a clean and pristine for environment for your customers?

Sutter's answer

  • wide range of detergents for every type of surface and every kind of dirt;
  • range of disinfectant products with the following characteristics:
    - speed of action
    - broad spectrum of action
    - safe for the operator in the conditions of use
    - ease of application
  • cleaning products that meet the criteria for awarding environmental labels;
  • eco-sustainable, high performance products, formulated with respect for the environment and people with equivalent or better results than products of chemical origin on the market;
  • easy to use and eco-friendly concentrated products, able to reduce packaging waste and CO2 emissions due to transport;
  • concentrated products and dosing systems, aimed at the correct consumption of chemical products, able to render handling operations safe for the operator and avoid product waste

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