Can manage up to 4 washing machines

Equipped with 2 flowmeters to control every dispensation

Can be controlled remotely


Venturi, single/multi-machine dosing system with a capacity of up to 60 Kg, for the dosage of 4 products with a flow rate up to 650 ml/min. With the accessories and expansion modules (to be purchased separately), it can manage up to 4 washing machines and dose up to 10 products by purchasing an extension module. The system has the option of choosing among 31 different washing programmes and is equipped with 2 flowmeters that accurately control all product dispensations, to ensure stability in washing performance. In the case of malfunction (e.g. no water, no more chemical product, etc.), it generates local alarm signals (visual and acoustic) and sends e-mail notifications to the qualified technical staff. The products are dosed via a software programme (inside the facility), which can be used to individually manage every machine and every pump, adjusting the quantity of product to be dispensed and the time it is dispensed in each individual machine, according to its wash phase. One of the advantages of this system is the option of connecting it to the internet via Wi-Fi and, therefore, being able to access it from smartphone via the dedicated SekoBlue app available on IOS and Android. By registering the facility with the portal, qualified technical staff can check it, change programme parameters and view any anomalies and/or errors reported by the system. Lastly, it is possible to consult statistics and reports, which can also be exported as Excel, Cvs and PDF, for always have access to the number of washes carried out, the quantity of chemical product consumed and the relative costs, also based on specific time frames.

Further information

Dimensions in mm: H: 270; W: 390; D: 160.



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