Scented descaling natural* detergent

Effectiveness tested against market leader in a ISO 17025 certified laboratory.

Produced with raw materials from natural origin, fully biodegradable*

No CLP pictograms


Descaling detergent based on natural origin organic acid (citric acid). Ideal for bathroom and toilet. Recommended for daily cleaning of taps, bathtubs, showers, tiles etc. The daily usage of Ruby, thanks to anti-redeposition agents, helps prevent scaling. Also suitable for the cleaning of internal surfaces within boats, ships and other transports. It contains vegetal origin raw materials (e.g. surfactants, acids, solvents) coming from the processing sugar beet and coconut oil. Fruity scent , allergen-free (Reg. 648/2004). Phosphate and nickel-free (less than 0.01 ppm). Dermatologically tested product (human patch test - not tested on animals). The absence of CLP warning signs means that the product is safe both for the operator and the environment, provided it is used according to the usage instructions and to the other information on the label.


Ready to use.
The suggested dilution allows to economize and reduces the environmental impact to the minimum.


Code Size Quantity Pallet
5582 Kg 5 4 9x4=36
5696 ml 750 12 11x3=33


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