Sutter, a leader in the wax sector for over 100 years, has developed a new formula to meet the needs of even the most demanding clientèle. New Meteor Maxima boasts an elegant new label that is easy to recognise, for customers who are attentive to both image and performance. 
An emulsion, formulated with acrylic and polyurethane polymers, that guarantees maximum shine, tread resistance and a very high level finish that makes it possible to reduce required maintenance.
The UL mark indicates non-slip certification. Suitable for every type of surface and also for spray cleaning and spray buffing systems with anti-yellowing effect, guaranteeing standards of unbeatable quality.
Meteor Maxima, a new formula that offers:
Greater brightness 
Easier to spread 
Greater resistance 
Easy maintenance 
Anti-yellowing effect
New fragrance

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